Sunday Services

We meet each Sunday morning at 9.30am and 11.15am and on Sunday evening at 6.30pm. Both morning services are the same in format and content.

What to expect

About 150 to 200 people meet for each service. These services are just over an hour and include congregational singing, corporate prayer and Bible teaching. The main focus is the reading and preaching of God’s word.

During the morning services, there is a crèche, groups for children up to age 11 and every other week a group for children aged 11-14. Older teenagers aged 14-18 have their own group after the evening service. During the school holidays, there are groups for children up to aged 7 only.

The main church building is fitted with an induction loop.

Baptismal Service

From time to time, we have a Baptismal service. This is in response to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ that those who respond to the Gospel in repentance and faith should be baptized. It has been given to the churches by Christ as a visible sign of the Gospel. Baptism is a symbol of cleansing from sin and union with Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection.

Our Baptismal service normally forms the latter part of one of the services and is done in the baptistery in our hall. Candidates for baptism are asked to confirm that they trust solely on the death of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and are seeking to live under his lordship.

If you want to know what we mean by 'the Gospel', then click here.

Audio Downloads

Audio recordings of our Sunday sermons are available for download from our sermons page. If you wish to purchase a copy, please contact us.