Over the year there will be a mixture of…

  • Bible Studies – we meet in smaller groups to study the Bible and pray for each other in the light of what we have been learning.
  • Prayer Meetings – we meet as a whole group to pray for our mission partners, our church and the wider world.
  • Guest events – these are opportunities to hear something of the Christian faith. This year, we will have three evening events at Christmas, Easter and in the summer. We will also have three daytime talks about different aspects of parenting or daily life and how the Christian perspective can speak specifically into these areas.
  • One off sessions – such as reviewing a book together or a question and answer panel to get us thinking about different areas of the Christian life.
  • Saturday events – occasional days to learn from God’s word and spend time together.

Tuesday Link:

Tuesday Link offers bible studies, prayer meetings and topical talks for any woman who is free on a Tuesday morning. We meet each week at Spicer Street Church during term times. A crèche is provided for babies and toddlers.

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Wednesday and Friday Link:

Wednesday Link meets on a Wednesday morning in a local home to look at the same Bible studies as Tuesday Link.

Friday Link meets twice a month on a Friday evening in a local home from 7.45 pm for refreshments followed at 8.10pm looking at the same Bible studies as Tuesday Link. This is usually followed by a time for prayer.

Please contact us for more information.

All women are welcome to join us.